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Radio Santa Clara

This page features the feedback that we receive from our listeners:

Esteban, 25
I grew up listening to Radio Santa Clara. My parents were avid fans. When I was growing up, it became my refuge. I remember the days when I would just sit inside my room with my radio on listening to the music of Radio Santa Clara. Until now, I still tune in to them. I especially enjoy Tuesdays programming with its various types of advice programs all day long.

Rhian, 30
I think I developed my environmental awareness just listening to Radio Santa Clara. Ever since I was growing up, they have every Wednesday devoted just to environmental issues. I always listened and learned from their various news and features. This was how I grew up to be an environmentally aware individual. I hope that they continue with this thrust especially since they now cater to a bigger audience. I think with their Internet radio, they now have the added capacity to reach more people and educate them about properly caring for our Mother Earth.

Estella, 20
I love Radio Santa Clara. It is how I get my fix on the latest pop culture and pop music. I love how they are always updated with the latest releases. I also get my fill on celebrities and their private lives through Radio Santa Clara. I have listened to Radio Santa Clara since I was a little girl and I know that I’m still hooked at my age.

Leila, 25
I was bored one day and was just browsing the Internet when I stumbled upon the Radio Santa Clara website. I started listening and browsing their website. It was such a pleasant surprise being able to arrange my music folders, create my playlists and even download songs. Please keep it up.

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